Quatre pierres carrées

Artista: Bernard Lescure

Nombre: Quatre pierres carrées

Liberación: 2006

Label: CO Le Label

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 45'30

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00005COLE


Quatre pierres carrées (Bernard Lescure)

A man's atypical route contributes to his personal treasure. When that man takes up his guitar and pen, it is to talk about himself, about other people, and about life. Doctor in the emergency ward in Saint Nazaire, Bernard Lescure reveals a part of himself in a warm album which speaks to all of us. Approach and listen !

Bernard Lescure - Músicos

  • Bernard LAURENT : author composer
  • Bernard LESCURE : vocal, guitar
  • Alain QUERE : double bass

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