Baltic crossing

Artista: Baltic crossing

Nombre: Baltic crossing

Liberación: 2008

Label: GO'Danish Folk Music

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 40'00

Prima: Import Denmark

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: CR00300GODA


Baltic crossing (Baltic crossing)

The idea for the group occurred when Kristian Bugge and English guitarist Ian Stephenson met at a folk conference in Kokkola in Finland in spring 2002. The group first met with Ian in Newcastle in January 2003. Since then they have worked with music and toured in particular Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The bustling, young musicians have now released their first CD under his own name!

Baltic Crossing plays traditional folk music from their three home countries and neighboring countries. This is an invitation to an exciting journey through the Nordic and Celtic countries.

Baltic crossing - Músicos

  • Kristian BUGGE : violin
  • Antti JÄRVELÄ : double bass, mandolin, banjo, guitar
  • Esko JÄRVELÄ : violin, viola, double bass
  • Andy MAY : northumbrian, uilleann pipes, piano
  • Ian STEPHENSON : guitar, melodeon, double bass

Baltic crossing - Escuchar

  • Sextour
  • Vankarin Set
  • Original Polka Set
  • Den Strejkende General / The Striking General
  • Ostindiens Velkomst
  • Sir John Fenwick's
  • Korv och Mos
  • Space Cowboys
  • Mofodragon Set
  • Schottis Set
  • Grønne Aal / Green Eel