Artista: Azham

Nombre: Azham

Liberación: 2012

Label: HΩme recordings

Formato: Pochette

Tiempo total: 47'00

Precio : 10,00 €

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Ref.: PO01318HORE


Azham (Azham)


AZHAM is the meeting of two creators: Christophe Deslignes, eclectic musician amateur of poetry, and Marc Piwtorak, landscape architect enthusiast appliances sounds. Both artists offer mysterious poetic texts with a mixture of synthetic sounds, sometimes hovering, sometimes powerful, carrying in a world of emotions, often close to trance. They design each composition as a singular exploration module, different from his peers. Their work continues slowly but surely away from trends and fashions. Discover Elektro-Poetry!

Azham - Músicos

  • Christophe DESLIGNES

Azham - Escuchar

  • Mister Donky
  • Dark Side
  • Train d'enfer
  • Stand by me
  • Années folles