Prayers beyond words

Artista: Amir Perelman

Nombre: Prayers beyond words

Liberación: 2009

Label: Magda

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 51'00

Prima: Import Israel

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: CR00519MAGD


Prayers beyond words (Amir Perelman)

On his forth and new album for Magda, Amir Perelman dives deeper into the ancient "Nigunim" and combines them with his own new compositions.
"Nigun" (in singular) is a prayer without words, a mystical and universal language that rises above words, delivering a more profound and spiritual meaning. Apart of the Nigunim originating from the Spanish and Ashkenaz Jews, there are some original and magnificent compositions by Perelman.
These reflect his musical maturity acquired by his on going creativity.     
The old and the new are naturally bounded together to create a musical wealth - both Jewish and universal.
There are new members in the group who consolidate ideas and contribute to the freshness and innovative sound of the ensemble.

Amir Perelman - Músicos

  • Amir PERELMAN : buzuk, cello
  • Oren TSOR : violin
  • Omer HORWITZ : clarinet
  • Ofir TAL : piano
  • Avi AGABABA : percussion
  • Dani BENEDICT : percussion

Prayers beyond words - Escuchar

  • Barchuni Le Halom
  • Ya'ala Y'ala
  • Shelatem
  • 5th Tov U Metv
  • Hitna'ari
  • Hushi
  • Arba Babot
  • New Song Of Jerusalem
  • Untitled