Sport & Couture

Artista: Amestoy Trio

Nombre: Sport & Couture

Liberación: 2008

Label: Daqui

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 45'03

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: DI01136DAQU


Sport & Couture (Amestoy Trio)

"You think you play a disc musette or gypsy jazz with accordion, guitar and bass. Gradually it's something else happens to you ears ...
A singular, warm world, a jubilant and upbeat music, singing and enchants, which flies light and full of happiness [...]
It sounds like you a massive orchestra, like a flawless machine that hums and purrs, happy spinning.
A palpable happiness, communicative, enveloping the listener and plunged into a strange sound jubilation. A trio to feast your ears "Etienne Bours

Amestoy Trio - Músicos

  • Gilles CARLES : guitare
  • Jean-Luc AMESTOY : accordéon
  • Marc DECHAUMONT : basse


1. Paquerette

2. Le barbu

3. Sport et couture

4. Fantomas

5. La vérité

6. L'autre

7. A visto

8. Rural swing

9. Bamako

10. Swing valse

11. Besame mucho

12. New York