L'art de la Gasba

Artista: Afrah

Nombre: L'art de la Gasba

Liberación: 2009

Label: Dyade A&D

Formato: Pochette

Tiempo total: 44'38

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: PO00135DYAD


L'art de la Gasba (Afrah)

Afrah's songs, music and poetry, are coming from folklore. These are mainly songs about love and seduction, sometimes audacious, but also about farmers and labour classes life's conditions, songs can also broach political topics, or topics inspirated by actuality, like emigration, poverty, solidarity... For example, in the mawwal (improvised songs accompanied only with the gasba), singer is frequently refering to local and international actuality, even the context of the concert.

Afrah - Músicos

  • Majyd SOUILAH :vocals, direction
  • Mohamed EL HAYANI : gasba (flûte)
  • Mohamed SEHLI : gasba (flûte)
  • Mohamed ben Khelifa BELAOUD : bendir
  • Khalid KEROUMI : bendir

L'art de la Gasba - Escuchar

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