Toenn ar bed (Bretagne - Tibet)

Artist: Yann Dour & Tenzin Gönpo

Name: Toenn ar bed (Bretagne - Tibet)

Released: 2003

Label: Caruhel

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 55'36

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00084CARU


Toenn ar bed (Bretagne - Tibet) (Yann Dour & Tenzin Gönpo)

An original creation miing instruments and songs from Brittany and Tibet. Accompanied by guitar, fiddle, drums, keyboard, voices, accordion, etc...

Yann Dour & Tenzin Gönpo - Musicians

  • Tenzin GÖNPO : lingbou (flutes), dranyen (luth), piwang (viole), guitar, Tibetan song
  • Yann DOUR : accordion diatonique, french song
  • Lennig COURTET LE BARON, Anna DE PARSCAU, Mari LORHO PASCO, Anjela LORHO PASCO, Madalen LORHO PASCO : breton song
  • Antonin VOLSON : drums, double bass
  • Marc JACQUIER : guitar, bass
  • Jean-Yves MARTIAL : fiddle
  • Pascal COURTEL : keyboards

Toenn ar bed (Bretagne - Tibet) - Sound extracts

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