Artist: Yair Dalal

Name: Samar


Label: Magda

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 70'00

Bonus: Import Israel

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: CR00513MAGD


Samar (Yair Dalal)

Yair Dalal, a celebrated Israeli musician, presents here his mastery of the oud, the ancient Arab lute, an instrument that seems to have the ability of touching one's soul almost without an effort.
Dalal was born in Israel in 1955. His family has immigrated to Israel from Iraq, a biographical data that can be easily traced while listening to Dalal's music. Samar is named after Dalal's place of residence in the Israeli desert. This CD is a co-production of Magda an the French label al-sur.
The peak of this creative musical journey is reached in track 4 in which Dalal refers to the assassination of Israeli prime-minister Yitzhak Rabin.
The dominant sound of Samar is the sound of the solo oud, accompanied occasionally by chant, a clear formula for a contemplative and relaxing listening.

Yair Dalal - Musicians

  • Yair DALAL : oud, vocal
  • Zohar FRESKO : percussion
  • Youssef Yaakov CHEM TOV : oud, vocal

Samar - Sound extracts

  • Bagdad - Barcelona
  • Samai Lami
  • Smartut Rakoum
  • Rabin
  • Mevasser Shalom
  • Ya Ribon Alam
  • Maqam Panjouka
  • Samar