Artist: Yair Dalal

Name: AL OL

Released: 1994

Label: Magda

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 66'00

Bonus: Import Israel

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00512MAGD


AL OL (Yair Dalal)

Al Ol is the Bedouin name for a certain desert wind, a small size tornado. The Bedouins believe that this wind relates to a desert spirit, punished in its former carnation and damned to an endless spinning around in the desert.
A legendary material such as this inspires Yair Dalal along other legends and traditions of the ancient Middle Eastern region.
This album combines traditions from Iraq, Turkey, Arab and Jewish history. Dalal brings those traditions together and creates a unified musical language both in sound and text.
The last track on this CD, "Zaman el Salam"- Peace Time - was recorded in Oslo, Norway, in 1994 in a concert that marked the first annual day of the peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis.
Al Ol, a well-balanced album, is inspired with the wish for peace in the Israeli region, a peace that will enable the region's inhabitants to enjoy their different musical traditions and share their love of music and mankind.

Yair Dalal - Musicians

  • Yair DALAL : oud, violin, vocal
  • Avi COHEN : vocal, mahwal
  • Albert ELIAS : nai
  • Avi AGABABA : daf, framedrum
  • HERZL SAGI : darbuka
  • Eyal SELA : clarinet
  • Saed SWETI : vocal
  • Jowad AL TAMIMI : synth (qanoun)
  • Coby HAGOEL : zarb
  • Eyal FAHRAN : sitar
  • Nurit OFER : tabla
  • Yaron SOFER : vocal
  • Izhar SHABI : electric guitar
  • Gustavo HERZOG : acoustic guitar
  • Amos YIFRACH : classical guitar
  • Shai DAYAN : base
  • Yoav ZOHAR : drumset
  • Moran children choir (Israel)
  • Palestinian children choir from Beit Hanina - Palestinian Autonomy
  • NRK children choir (Norway)

AL OL - Sound extracts

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