Chansons sans paroles

Artist: Wouter vandenabeele

Name: Chansons sans paroles

Released: 2007

Label: Homerecords

Format: Digipack

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Bonus: Import Belgium

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DI00631HOME


Chansons sans paroles (Wouter vandenabeele)

The travels and tales of Wouter Vandenabeele had to be told without using any words... For Chansons sans paroles, Wouter is accompanied by some friends musicians with which he worked already for years, assisted by some other guests. This time, it is not a question of compositions for large orchestras, nor of solemn arrangements. Wouter chose sobriety resolutely: about fifteen impressions in small musical miniatures... which talk to us. Musicians: Wouter Vandenabeele: violin Arne Van Dongen: double bas Anne Niepold: accordion Soetkin Baptist: voice Extra: Malick Pathé Sow: odu, guitar Serigne C.M. Gueye: percussion

Wouter vandenabeele - Musicians

  • Wouter VANDENABEELE : violin, compositions
  • Arne VAN DONGEN : double bass
  • Anne NIEPOLD : accordion
  • Serigne C.M. GUEYE : percussions
  • Malick PATHÉ SOW : hoddu
  • Osama ABDURASOL : ganun
  • Soetkin BAPTIST : vocals

Chansons sans paroles - Sound extracts

  • Chanson triste
  • Chanson de Serigne
  • Chanson de Philippe
  • Chanson pour se distraire
  • Chanson de Michel
  • Chanson du commerce
  • Chanson de Arne
  • Chanson de Katharina
  • Chanson des Grecs
  • Chanson de Michel
  • Chanson de l'histoire qui continue
  • Chanson du divertissement
  • Chanson de la fille qui a passé une bonne soirée
  • Chanson de Grasinus ou chanson pour la nuit