Artist: Trio LAm

Name: Cloche-pied

Released: 2009

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 74'00

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DI00312AUTO


Cloche-pied (Trio LAm)

The gathering of a fiddle and dance addict from Quercy (southwest France), a breton and musette accordion fanatic, and a crazy irish music guitar player. Bourrées, waltzes, mazurkas, Quercy round dances. Traditional tunes and new compositions, with only one line : dance !

Trio LAm - Musicians

  • Mathilde LACAZE : violin
  • Antoine LECLERCQ : guitar
  • Ludovic RIO : chromatic accordion
  • Guests :

  • Marianne EVEZARD : vocals
  • Basile BRÉMAUD : violin
  • Olivier SULPICE : banjo

Cloche-pied - Sound extracts

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