La Tour de Pierre

Artist: Treizhadenn

Name: La Tour de Pierre

Released: 2016

Label: Autoprod

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 52'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR01345AUTO


La Tour de Pierre (Treizhadenn)

Treizhadenn (Crossing in Breton) has been playing for 10 years in many Festou-Noz in Paris area. The band consists of 5 musicians performing a unique set of composed songs (including music and lyrics).

Treizhadenn - Musicians

  • Didier CORNEC-CLAQUIN : vocals
  • Laurent BERENGER : guitar, vocals
  • Guy CAUNET : chromatic accordion, vocals
  • Gilles BRUNEAU : bombardes, flutes, saxophone
  • Alan NANQUETTE : percussions
  • Gilles RODRIGUEZ : bass

La Tour de Pierre - Sound extracts

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