Peintures fraîches

Artist: Transe en danse

Name: Peintures fraîches

Released: 2006

Label: CO Le Label

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 56'37

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00022COLE


Peintures fraîches (Transe en danse)

Group of traditional musics, Transe en danse offers folk balls just as well as concerts where they interpret a repertoire constructed on musics to be danced and that are from varied provenances. Freshness is present in that coloured album.

Transe en danse - Musicians

  • Valérie MOINARD : fiddle
  • David AR ROUZ : flute , panflute, bombardon, vocal
  • Rémi GIRAUD : guitar
  • Yves LE ROUX : bass, classic guitar, vocal
  • Vivien ROBILLARD : drums

Peintures fraîches - Sound extracts

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