Gazing at the Moon

Artist: The Helen Flaherty Band

Name: Gazing at the Moon

Released: 2018

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

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Ref.: DI01411AUTO


Gazing at the Moon (The Helen Flaherty Band)



Scottish singer and musician living in Belgium, Helen Flaherty offers a Celtic repertoire that is both warm and personal. She surrounded herself with three exceptional musicians who accompany her wonderfully in a particularly rich and immersive musical universe. The 12 tracks on this album perfectly synthesize the Celtic spirit, a real musical journey.

The Helen Flaherty Band - Musicians

  • Helen FLAHERTY : vocals, bodhran
  • Ies MULLER : flutes, vocals
  • Philip MASURE : guitars, cittern, percussion, vocals
  • Siard DE JONG : fiddles, bouzouki, mandolin, whistle, vocals

Gazing at the Moon - Sound extracts

  • The Outlandish Knight
  • Edith's Lament
  • Cold Missouri Waters
  • Fair Flowers of the Valley
  • The Old Churchyard
  • Mill Brae / Lassies Trust in Providence / Sonja's Kitchen
  • All That You Ask Me
  • Scotland the Brave
  • Moran's Return
  • A kiss in the Morning Early
  • Winsome Ways
  • Braw Sailing on the Sea