Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Albumtrad is a company created in October 2008 by us : Natacha and Jérôme Nedelec. It is located in Saint Dolay, east of Morbihan at the edge of ‘La Vilaine’.

The idea of a web site offering CDs of exclusively traditional and acoustic musics, held on consignment from the artists, was inspired by the knowledge that many independently-produced discs gather dust in the attics of musicians who have nowhere to sell them.

What to do with all those discs, all that music just waiting for a listener ?

Reliable, fast, and easy to use, web-based sales offers an ideal solution. Today, you will find more than 830 albums on this site and with them as many artists and labels who rely on us to sell and promote their music.


Guitarist, he was the member of the Irish and Breton music groups "Sualtam" and "La Vilaine Compagnie". He is also the founder of the string orchestra "Armorican Airlines" as well as the founder of the group for children "Piképik&Ko".

For 6 years, he was a guitar teacher in one of Brittany's traditional music school. He also acquired commercial sales experience by working in a music store.

Jérôme's the one who came up with the idea for this site : every item offered at the same price, set low enough to be within everyone's reach. He's also the one who wanted to include an extract of every track of every album that's for sale : a crazy man !


Ex primary school teacher in the bilingual sector (Breton/French) and in the Diwan school (immersive school in Breton), Natacha joined her husband on this project.

The principal administrator, she's responsible for managing the company and for the sale of the CDs (in brief, she does everything)...

Accordionist and flutist, she knows the music !