Koto music

Artist: Tadao Sawai plays Michio Miyagi

Name: Koto music

Released: 2007

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 58'00

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Ref.: CR01268NA


Koto music (Tadao Sawai plays Michio Miyagi)

A tribute by two great modern Japanese artists - Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai - to the "father of modern koto", Michio Miyagi (1894-1956), who revolutionised koto music. Instrumental


The koto performer, composer, and educator Michio Miyagi (1894-1956) is considered the father of modern koto. He was named the Mozart of koto because of his amazing skill and the Japanese Schubert for his lyrical melodies. He modernized the playing of the koto, developing new playing and composition techniques and inventing new instruments, among which the best-known is the jushichigen, the 17-stringed bass koto. Miyagi did only few recordings at the beginning of the 1950s. The late Tadao Sawai (1937-1997) had been pursuing Miyagi's endeavor in developing new playing and compositional techniques, adding a rhythmical and virtuosic character to his music never heard before. He was also a proponent of contemporary music for koto. Sawai dedicated this CD to the music of this great star that Miyagi was. He offers a series of the best of Miyagi's compositions for koto solo and koto duo. You are in for a treat: a great master performed by another great master.Bruno Deschênes


1. Tegoto

2. Kumiutahu

3. Rinzetsu

4. Mizu no hentai

5. Seoto

6. Onoe no matsu