Artist: Sväng

Name: Schladtzshe

Released: 2010

Label: Aito records

Format: Digifile

Total playing: 46'00

Bonus: Import Finland

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DF00620AITO


Schladtzshe (Sväng)

Astonizing Harmonica Attack!Thanks to their show-stopping performances at such highly regarded stages as Womex, ”Later with Jools Holland”, and the Linbury Concert Series, to mention but a few, the new harmonica quartet Sväng is no longer stranger to the international world music crowd. The ensemble is led by Jouko Kyhälä, a master musician with a doctor’s degree on harmonica, and they are known for their original compositions with depth very few would normally associate with harmonica groups.

Gearing up for the release of their third album ”Schladztshe!” this fall, Sväng function on stage as a tight unit of four top-notch harmonica visionaries breathing life into one vision of music that fuses together Nordic and Balkan influences. They effortlessly make both of these musical worlds their own, plus everything in between and beyond should the occasion arise.

Personality, character, professionalism, vision, and intensity are among the adjectives which could be used to characterise Sväng and their celebrated live sets. This harmonica attack from Finland has to be heard to be believed.

Sväng - Musicians

  • Eero GRUNDSTRÖM : diatonic and chromatic harmonicas
  • Jouko KYHÄLÄ : harmonetta, diatonic and chromatic harmonicas
  • Pasi LEINO : bass harmonica
  • Eero TURKKA : diatonic and chromatic harmonicas

Schladtzshe - Sound extracts

  • Schladtzshe!
  • Hoijakat
  • Menneet
  • Tango tauko
  • Kyykäärmeen polska
  • Hellu
  • Humaljärvi
  • Humppa skitsofrenia
  • Waiwainen walitan waikiast'
  • Valossa