Black n' light

Artist: Spiridon Shishigin

Name: Black n' light

Released: 2013

Label: Borealia

Format: Digibook

Total playing: 51'04

Price : 15.00 €


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Ref.: DB01333BORE


Black n' light (Spiridon Shishigin)


The vibrations of the Jew’s harp are well known for their positive influence on the human body. This project reveals the relationship between the music of the Sakha virtuoso, Spiridon Shishigin and the master of Asian painting, Jean-François Koeller.

Spiridon Shishigin - Musicians

  • Spiridon Spiridonovitch Shishigin : Jew's harp
  • Steev KINDWALD : flute
  • Jean-François KOELLER : painting

Black n' light - Sound extracts

  • In The Tundra
  • Traditional Theme
  • Sakha Chant
  • Living Water
  • Therapy
  • Breath
  • Celestial Horses
  • Invitation To The Voyage
  • Dance Of The Sun
  • Harmonics