Beg ar viñs

Artist: Skaliero

Name: Beg ar viñs

Released: 2001

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 53'03

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR01199NA


Beg ar viñs (Skaliero)


Skaliero is the Breton word for stairs. Daniel Le Féon suggested the name. He was thinking of those steep and twisting ones leading to the organ when he plays bombard in the company of Jean-Michel Mansano on organ. They could also be the stairs that bring the other members of the group together: Marthe Vassalo, the singer, Anne Le Signor, the harpist, Samuel Le Féon, the accordionist. The group meets together with a repertoire of gwerzioù (Breton slow airs), dances, songs and compositions from both Upper and Lower Brittany.

Skaliero - Musicians

  • Daniel LE FEON : bombarde
  • Samuel LE FEON : accordéon
  • Anne LE SIGNOR : harpe
  • Jean-Michel MANSANO : orgue
  • Marthe VASSALO : chant


1. Retour de guerre

2. Disput etre ar verc'h hag ar vamm

3. Mazurkas

4. Pause de la harpiste

5. Marv eo ma mestrez

6. Er voraerion

7. Les questionnements de la chanteuse

8. Peñse ar Jentilez

9. Le bouquet du talabarder

10/11/12/13. Suite de Loudéac

14. La clef de l'orguaniste

15. Kerreg Beg an Treis

16. La touche de l'accordéoniste

17. Sonig amourousted

18. Distro ar martolod/Marche

19. Ma c'halonig a zo diaes