Le voyage de Silabenn l'anguille

Artist: Silabenn ar silienn

Name: Le voyage de Silabenn l'anguille

Released: 2012

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

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Ref.: DI00713AUTO


Le voyage de Silabenn l'anguille (Silabenn ar silienn)

An album of traditional music in collaboration with pupils of a school from brittany. This album tells the story of an eel to his birth in the Sargassum sea until his arrival in the country of Redon.

Silabenn ar silienn - Musicians

  • Janick MARTIN : accordion diatonic
  • Daniel BERTHELOT : tuba, trumpet, marimba, percussions
  • Gaëtan SAMSON : tombak, daf, riq, derbouka, sonailles, graines, lithophones
  • Mikaël SEZNEC : double bass, bouzouq
  • Erwan LHERMENIER : clarinet sopran et bass, vocals, musique verte
  • Guests :
  • Yolaine DELAMAIRE : vocals
  • Solenn DIGUET : vocals
  • Claire GUILLOTEL : vocals
  • Louis-Jacques SUIGNARD : vocals

Le voyage de Silabenn l'anguille - Sound extracts

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