Artist: Sancto Ianne

Name: Trase

Released: 2013

Label: Folkclub ethnosuoni

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 59'00

Bonus: Import Italy

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI01352FOLK


Trase (Sancto Ianne)

The great band from Benevento is approaching its 20th anniversary. And this new CD is the best way to celebrate this upcoming happening! “Trase” is their forth disc, a brilliant new gem including 14 unpublished songs, with original tunes and lyrics melting poetry, civic stance, and the usual energy of Sancto Ianne's unique sound.

Sancto Ianne - Musicians

  • Gianna PRINCIPE : voice, castanets
  • Ciro Maria SCHETTINO : guitars, mandoloncello, mandolin, bombard, mouth organ, voice
  • Raffaele TISEO : violin, alto, viole d'amour, ribeca, programming
  • Sergio Napolitano : accordion, tambourin, percussions
  • Alfonso COVIELLO : tambourin, tamburello, percussions
  • Guests :
  • Silvio ORLANDO : voice
  • Antonio INTORCIA : voice
  • Maria MORAMARCO : voice
  • Shark EMCEE : voice
  • Nico BERARDI : cornemuse
  • Antonio PASQUARIELLO : guitar
  • Giovanni FRANCESCA : guitar
  • Carlo DE MATOLA : flute


Trase - Sound extracts

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