Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Tambura

Artist: Rumen Sirakov

Name: Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Tambura

Released: 2007

Label: Gega new

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 52'46

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00144GEGA


Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Tambura (Rumen Sirakov)

The present release presents the tambura. The instrument was carried to Bulgaria in the 7th century. It still exists in Asia (Uzbekistan Tadjikistan, etc.) under various names and was widely-known on the Balkans by the name «bulgaria» («bugaria»). The tambura was used in almost all parts of Bulgaria up to the end of the 20th century. Today it is characteristic mainly of the Pirin folk region, though it takes significant part in the ensembles and instrumental groups as an accompanying folk instrument, especially during the second part of the 20th century, when the characteristic tambura performing style was formed. The musician who proved that the tambura is of equal worth with the other folk instruments is Rumen Sirakov. Being the son of the famous folk singer Pavel Sirakov, it was natural that Rumen should begin to play folk music : first he started playing the whistle, then the trumpet and the clarinet. Simultaneously, he graduated from the school of classical guitar and this provoked his interest to the tambura, making him the best performer of this instrument... He has given concerts throughout Bulgaria, in England, the USA, Australia, ets. His teaching career is also of great significance and his students are among the best tambura-players.

Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Tambura - Sound extracts

  • Didinata
  • Zhochkino Horo
  • Krivo Horo
  • Festive Horo
  • Chetvorno Horo
  • Ihtimansko Horo
  • A Piece for Tambura
  • Krasavska Rachenitsa
  • Zemenska Rachenitsa
  • Vassilovska Kopanitsa
  • Blateshnichka Kopanitsa
  • Radomirska Rachenitsa
  • Djagarsko Horo
  • Tsonino Horo
  • Martenska Rachenitsa
  • Stoina's Face
  • Fiery Horo
  • Radomirsko Horo