Bendita madre

Artist: Rassegna

Name: Bendita madre

Released: 2004

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 51'54

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR01279NA


Bendita madre (Rassegna)

Rassegna presents a celebration of the Virgin Mary through a repertoire based on Mediterranean tradition: songs with strong melodies, sung in various languages by several voices. An invitation to share emotion.


1. All' arie

2. Maria di li grazzi

3. Bendita madre

4. La fugida en egipte

5. Maravillosos e piadosos

6. Simeron mavros ouranos

7. Ave Maris stella

8. Lala Myriam

9. Hristos Yenetai

10. Avvocata

11. All' arie (remix)