La Passagère

Artist: Pierre-Christian Fouéré

Name: La Passagère

Released: 2021

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

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Ref.: DI01420AUTO


La Passagère (Pierre-Christian Fouéré)


"La Passagère " is the name of a place located at the edge of La Rance, near which I live . It was also the name of the boat that used to cross the River towards Jouvente or La Richardais . In this CD I perform on guitar my own arrangements of traditional Breton, Irish, American and Romanian music as well as four personal compositions inspired by the music I particularly like: Breton music and other music "Celtic" and Jazz. Two musical friends came to participate: Charles Quimbert on vocals ( n°9 ) and Philippe Lefèvre on bass, synths and percussion ( n°3 and 10 ). The composition that concludes the album is eponymous of the project.

Pierre-Christian Fouéré - Musicians

  • Pierre Christian FOUERE : guitars
  • Guests :
  • Philippe LEFEVRE : keyboards drums, acoustic fretless bass
  • Charles QUIMBERT : vocals

La Passagère - Sound extracts

  • Derry Air (Trad. Irlandais)
  • Ur valeadenn vihan e Breizh
  • Deux goélands (P.C. Fouéré)
  • The Wayfaring Stranger / Jig : My Former wife
  • Les promeneurs (P.C. Fouéré)
  • Reels : Man Of The House / The Cruel Father / Dinny O'Brien's (trad. Irlandais)
  • The lamentation Of Owen Roe O'Neill / Tabhair Dom Do Lamh
  • Din Dobrogea (trad. Roumain)
  • Le P'tit Moulin
  • Little Jam (P.C. Fouéré)
  • Mna na héireann / Jigs : Eddie Kelly's & The Blarney Pilgrim
  • La Passagère (P.C. Fouéré)