Noël nouveau est venu

Artist: Picotage

Name: Noël nouveau est venu

Released: 2000

Label: Folkclub ethnosuoni

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 40'24

Bonus: Import Italy

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00188FOLK


Noël nouveau est venu (Picotage)

Second work by this band specialised in the repertoire of Central France. It’s a collection of Christmas carols and tunes typical of the Auvergne, Berry, and other Regions. The “Noëls” are sung by Gloria Moretti’s vigorous voice, accompanied by the bagpipes, keyboards, and hurdy-gurdies.

Picotage - Musicians

  • Daniele CALDARINI : organ, pianoforte, tastiera
  • Daniele COLTRI : bagpipes from center of france
  • Gloria MORETTI : vocal
  • Marc NOVARA : hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes from center of france
  • Walter RIZZO : hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes from center of france

Noël nouveau est venu - Sound extracts

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