Artist: Phønix

Name: Folk

Released: 2007

Label: GO'Danish Folk Music

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 40'00

Bonus: Import Denmark

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00304GODA


Folk (Phønix)

Phønix is an exciting and engaging band, and with their modern interpretation of Danish folk music they have played numerous concerts at clubs and festivals in Denmark, most of Europe and the United States. Phønix's music is characterised by its intensity and enthusiasm, and it's respect for tradition is balanced and challenged by a drive for originality. With a unique instrumentation, some new tunes, texts taken from the great Scandinavian folk tradition and last but not least, complex and original arrangements, Phønix is doing it's bit to rejuvenate and continue the Danish folk music tradition.

Phønix - Musicians

  • Karen MOSE : vocal
  • Jesper VINTHER : accordion
  • Anja PRÆST : bass clarinet, clarinet
  • Jesper FALCH : percussion
  • Guests :

  • Ivan PEDERSEN : vocal
  • Lea HAVELUND : cello
  • Ditte FROMSEIER MORTENSEN : violin
  • Hans MYDTSKOV : soprano saxophone
  • Anna MOSE : backing vocals

Folk - Sound extracts

  • Ulv, Ræv og Hare
  • Majvisen
  • Halmværket
  • Over Isen
  • Liden Karen
  • Gærdet
  • Anden Storm
  • Øst og Vest
  • Når Bjørne Danser
  • Bonden og Ræven
  • Anton og Randi's
  • Peter S.