La Jonction

Artist: Matawa

Name: La Jonction

Released: 2013

Label: Autoprod

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 42'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00712AUTO


La Jonction (Matawa)

Why junction? As you may notice,the writing and choice of themes are deeply influenced by our listening to Quebec,Cajun,Irish and Morvan music. I found it difficult to take a stand on this album, is it a personal album or a Matawa album? Although it includes mostly my compositions and although it is mainly meant to pay tribute to my father, it was impossible for me not to take account of the work and time that Christophe,Didier,David and Gaël devoted to its achievement. That's why, after deep thoughts, I decided not to put myself forward but to give priority to the band's name Matawa (which is another way of paying tribute to the human education my parents gave me); Lagrange Sébastien : Accordéon Chromatique Saltarelle ( Bourroche ). Christophe Raillard : piano. Didier Gris : violon. David Rougeot : Cajon , caisse claire. Gest : Gaël Rutkowski ( uilleann pipes et low Whistles)

Matawa - Musicians

  • Sébastien LAGRANGE : accordéon chromatique
  • Christophe RAILLARD : piano
  • Didier GRIS : violon
  • David ROUGEOT : cajon, caisse claire
  • Invité :
  • Gaël RUTKOWSKI : uilleann pipes, low whistles

La Jonction - Sound extracts

  • La montée au Beuvray, Cajun jonction
  • Nina's jig, The oblique jig, Mr Kostas Mougolias
  • Valse pour Yvette, Valse pour Caroline
  • Retour du Québec, Reel pour Jean-François
  • Valse des sapins
  • Le reel Eduens, Morvan jonction
  • Complainte pour Jo, Valse pour Jo
  • Valse pour Paul, La terre de mon grand-père
  • Ten days drinking and an hangover, Reel de Remoillon
  • L'affaire Montcharmont