Néké Strik

Artist: Martin / Pinc

Name: Néké Strik

Released: 2002

Label: Le micro bleu

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 68'51

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: CR00150LEMI


Néké Strik (Martin / Pinc)

The famous duet which destabilizes so many merry dancers in fest-noz !!

But why??...!!

BE CAREFUL: A bit of humor regrettably skipped into the album…

It's better to laugh at it !

BE CAREFUL bis: also contains music !

Rémi Martin : accordion called «atonique» - Ronan Pinc : violin with 4 strings in wood

«Moreover, it's swinging! If Django knew that, he would bite his fingers…!»

(le critique inconnu – TRAD HOT n° 69 juin 2002)

Martin / Pinc - Musicians

  • Rémi MARTIN : diatonic accordion, vocals, piano, gatcha
  • Ronan PINC : fiddle, viola, cello, vocals, gatcha,piano
  • Guests :
  • Cécile, Arthur, Luna PINC : backing vocals

Néké Strik - Sound extracts

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