Susie Fair

Artist: Maggie Sand & Sandragon

Name: Susie Fair

Released: 2009

Label: WildGoose Studios

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 56'00

Bonus: Import England

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DI00455WGST


Susie Fair (Maggie Sand & Sandragon)

It was the making of this album (Maggie's fourth and the first for WildGoose records in England) that lead to the formation of Sandragon. Malcolm Bennett took over from Will on woodwinds, and Will Hughes from Anthar on percussion. On this album, you have all six of them.

The album demonstrates the band's trademark blend of traditional songs and hi-energy dance tunes from the medieval and Renaissance eras. The dragon is the symbol which is found in both the English traditional tales of "St George & the Dragon", and the mythological dragon legends of medieval times.

Maggie Sand & Sandragon - Musicians

  • Maggie SAND : voice, harmonium, bouzouki
  • Mark POWELL : hurdy-gurdy, mandola, guitar, cittern, dulcimer
  • Malcolm BENNET : recorders, flute
  • Anthar KHARANA : percussion
  • Will SUMMERS : crumhorns, recorders
  • Will HUGUES : tarabouka

Susie Fair - Sound extracts

  • Susie Fair
  • Bushes and Briars
  • A la porte au palais
  • Low down in the broom
  • Cob a-coaling
  • Dance to your daddy
  • The rigs of the time
  • A rosebud in june
  • The banks of sweet mossom
  • Sailor laddie
  • If I were a blackbird
  • Les garçons de montagne