La Beauty

Artist: Lorenza

Name: La Beauty

Released: 2014

Label: Borealia

Format: Digibook

Total playing: 52'05

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DB01324BORE


La Beauty (Lorenza)


Lorenza, musician and composer, singer, travels regularly between the Navajo Nation, located in Arizona and France. During her meetings, she learns the traditional songs from the oral transmission of this culture and is inspired to create a musical universe. Greg and Peter just keep pace with this set of interlaced acoustic blues acoustic guitars, fiddles and folk tribal percussion.

Lorenza - Musicians

  • Lorenza : voice, guitar, drum, rattle, keyboards
  • Keith SECOLA : vocal, guitar, flute, drum, harmonium, sitar
  • Jeff MERKEL : chorus, voice, keyboards
  • Micheal Pudont SCHENCK : percussion
  • Jimmy VICKERS : bass guitar
  • Lawrence KAIBETONEY, Jimmy SEVERINO : chorus

La Beauty - Sound extracts

  • Morning Song
  • Abonavy (With Lyrics)
  • Dodiaa Nee
  • Escale
  • Holy Taste
  • Motherless Child
  • Rainbow Love Song
  • Abonavy
  • Earth Tone
  • Hozho Blues
  • Ocean Mantra