Evergreen (CDEP)

Artist: Lau vs Karine Polwart

Name: Evergreen (CDEP)

Released: 2010

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Pochette

Total playing: 22'25

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: PO01245NA


Evergreen (CDEP) (Lau vs Karine Polwart)

First in the collaborations series of exclusive EP material.

5 exclusive tracks by Lau in collaboration with Karine Polwart

Lau vs Karine Polwart - Musicians

  • Karine POLWART : vocals, tenor guitar
  • Kris DREVER : vocals, guitar
  • Martin GREEN : accordion, wurlitzer
  • Aidan O'ROURKE : fiddles


1. Evergreen

2. January man

3. Midnight feast

4. From Rags to Riches

5. Lord Yester