Artist: Kvonn

Name: Kvonn

Released: 2007

Label: Tutl

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 51'00

Bonus: import Faroe Islands

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00067TUTL


Kvonn (Kvonn)

KVONN is a lively group of musicians from the Faroe Islands that plays traditional and contemporary folk music from Scandinavia. KVONN’s repertoire includes music composed by the band members, as well as traditional tunes and tunes from the 18th century notebook of Faroese musician and scholar Jens Chr. Svabo. Three of the musicians, Sharon Weiss, Ívar Bærentsen and Kristian Blak, are regular members of the international, Faroe-based group Spælimenninir, that since 1977 has toured widely in Europe and the United States playing at folk festivals, dances, clubs, and concerts and conducting educational programs in schools and universities. Since their early teens, both Angelika Nielsen and Mikael Blak have performed often with Spælimenninir, and for the last few years KVONN has existed as a group on its own.

Kvonn - Musicians

  • Angelika NIELSEN : violin
  • Sharon WEISS recorder, spoons
  • Ívar BÆRENTSEN : mandolin, guitar
  • Kristian BLAK, piano
  • Mikael BLAK : bass

Kvonn - Sound extracts

  • Daniels Reinlendari
  • Wrigleys
  • Álvastakkur
  • Angelika's jig & Angelika's reel
  • Hymn to St. Magnus
  • Lament & Perluvalsurin
  • Skarvsgjógv
  • Streingir
  • Da fiddler's O'er Fu' & Da Trowie Spring
  • Peter's waltz & Paul's Polka
  • Tjørnarøkur
  • Jákups Marsj
  • Qajaq
  • Jake's Waltz
  • Robert's potato picking polka