Concerto Grotto og Drangar

Artist: Kristian Blak & Yggdrasil

Name: Concerto Grotto og Drangar

Released: 1984

Label: Tutl

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 70'51

Bonus: import Faroe Islands

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00060TUTL


Concerto Grotto og Drangar (Kristian Blak & Yggdrasil)

Two suites composed by Kristian Blak. Concerto Grotto from 1984, previously released as an LP, was recorded live in a cave on Sandoy. Anders Hagberg (fl, perc, voc), John Tchicai (ts, perc, double ocarina, voc), Lennart Kullgren (g, bamboo flute, perc, voc), Kristian Blak (p, double ocarina, perc, voc), Anders Jormin (b, wooden whistle, perc, voc ), Karin Korpelainen (dr, tin histle, perc, voc), Sharon Weiss (kaval, perc) 1986 Record poll reviewer's choices : Kristian Blak, Concerto Grotto (Kevin Witehead, Cadence, USA) 1997 Record poll, reviewer's choices - reissues : (David Lewis, Coda & Cadence, USA) Music with depth and life. (Lars Wang, Aalborg Stiftstidende, Denmark) "Drangar" was written in 1993 and first performed at the Faroe Islands Art Gallery during the 1993 Tórshavn Jazz Festival. It was recorded in 1995. Anders Hagberg (fl, ss, perc), Tore Brunborg (ts, ss, perc), Kristian Blak (p, voc), Lennart Kullgren (g, voc), Anda Kuitse (voc, East Greenland drum), Anders Jormin (b, perc), Karin Korpelainen (dr, perc)

Kristian Blak & Yggdrasil - Musicians

  • John TCHICAI : tenor saxophone, double ocarina, percussion, voice
  • Lennart KULLGREN : guitar, bamboo flute, percussion, voice
  • Anders HAGBERG : flute, percussion, voice
  • Kristian BLAK : piano, double ocarina percussion, voice
  • Anda KUITSE : vocals, East Greenland drum
  • Anders JORMIN : bass, wooden whistle, percussion, voice
  • Karin KORPELAINEN : drums, tin whistle, percussion, voice
  • Sharan WEISS : kaval, percussion

Concerto Grotto og Drangar - Sound extracts

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