Artist: Kornog

Name: Kornog

Released: 2001

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 53'00

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: CR01198NA


Kornog (Kornog)

This new version of the legendary group Kornog. Embark on a musical journey off the beaten path ...

In 1981, the Scottish singer, Jamie McMenemy Kornog formed with guitarist Soïg Sibéril and Breton fiddler Christian Lemaitre. Jean-Michel Veillon, flute, joined the group the following year. Kornog was one of the first groups to turn the US and their success was unprecedented. Thirteen years later, almost mythical band reunited with Nicolas Quémener guitar. As the river that gave its name to the album, Kornog is a journey into the heart of this remarkable musical landscape.

Kornog - Musicians

  • Jamie McMENEMY : chant, bouzouki
  • Christian LEMAITRE : violon
  • Jean-Michel VEILLON : flûte
  • Nicolas QUEMENER : guitare


1.2.3. Baleadenn

4. Child noryce

5. Là-bas dans la prairie - Ronds de St-Vincent

6. The braes O'Killiecrankie

7. Air pour faire pleurer la mariée en début de noce - Gavottes

8.9.10. Fest-stivell

11. La belle Eléonore / Les filles de Saillé

12. Lassie wi' the yellow coatie

13. Ar plac'h diw wech eureujet - Dans fisel

14.15. Thessaloniki taxi / Kolo stara vlajna

16. For a new baby

17. Al letanant Schmitt o kimiadin ar 5ved kompagnunez

18. Dans plin