Artist: Karen Matheson

Name: Downriver

Released: 2005

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Digipack

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Ref.: DI01241NA


Downriver (Karen Matheson)

The great singer of Scottish band Capercaillie, offers high quality solo album in the company of renowned musicians. It is always a delight to heard this voice this suave and powerful voice that embodies so well the Scottish particularity.

A must for all lovers of Celtic music!


1. Chi mi bhuam

2. Cronan Bleoghainn

3. Gleann baile chaoil

4. I will not wear the willow

5. O Mhairi's tu mo Mhairi

6. Laoidh fhearchair Eoghainn

7. O nach eiśdeadh

8. Singing in the dark

9. Puirt a beul

10. Luadh an Toraidh

11. Crucan na bpaiste