Artist: Jean Baron - Anne Auffret - Christian Anneix

Name: Berjelenn

Released: 2007

Label: Non renseigné

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 62'00

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: CR01207NA


Berjelenn (Jean Baron - Anne Auffret - Christian Anneix)

An unlikely meeting between a couple of ringers singer and harpist where the art of mixing genres and break in new divisions and prejudices. Air and subtle touch of harp blends with strong and deep breath of bagpipes and bombards. In this confrontation, no storm but rather a melodic wind accents a shared sensibility. The voice rises and seals this unusual union marches through the melodies and dances of Lower Brittany (Treg, Cornwall ...) and the Pays Gallo.

Jean Baron - Anne Auffret - Christian Anneix - Musicians

  • Jean BARON : bombarde
  • Anne AUFFRET : harpe, chant
  • Christian ANNEIX : biniou koz


1. Ar wezenn avaloù

2. An tad moualc'h

3. Ne oan nemet pemzek vloaz - Ma c'halonig a zo diaes

4. Ar vagerez

5. An hader

6. Ar bidedig & ar kouezh

7. La fille changée en cane

8. Ar verjelenn hag ar marc'hadour

9. C'est un jeune homme de Carentoir - Revenez à moi ma blonde

10. Michelan & Ar meyvier

11. Suite gavottes des montagnes

12. C'est par un matin jour

13. Voici la Saint-Jean