The space between

Artist: Jamie Smith's Mabon

Name: The space between

Released: 2015

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digisleeve

Total playing: 41'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DS01343AUTO


The space between (Jamie Smith's Mabon)


'The Space Between' is the latest offering from Jamie Smith's MABON and is their most muscular recording to date, laden with high-octane tune sets and songs sung in both Welsh and English. Memorable melodies and satisfying grooves abound in this new studio album that was mixed by the award-winning English folk artist and producer Jim Moray.

The album title 'The Space Between' refers to the fact that this music exists in the space between the different Celtic cultures. With band members spread across four different countries, MABON's music travels beyond borders to explore the forms and styles of the various Celtic traditions and work them anew. It is not specific to any country, but is Inter-Celtic in nature.

MABON is Jamie Smith on accordion and vocals; Oliver Wilson-Dickson on fiddle; Adam Rhodes on bouzouki; Matt Downer on bass and Iolo Whelan on drums and percussion. These are musicians whose intimate relationship provides a rich and flexible soundscape, where a delicate touch and driving tune are instantly interchangeable; where lush, textural harmonies can underpin lyrical song, or swift, slick rhythms can propel lightning melodies. MABON is a band that draws readily on the vast range of its members' influences, but does not attempt to make 'fusion'; instead it is a constant pursuit of integrity in seeking to explore the music from 'The Space Between'.

Jamie Smith's Mabon - Musicians

  • Jamie SMITH : accordion, vocals, backing vocals, guitar
  • Oliver WILSON-DICKSON : fiddle, backing vocals
  • ADAM RHODES : bouzouki, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Matt DOWNER : bass, double bass
  • Iolo WHELAN : percussion, drums
  • Tomas CALLISTER : fiddle, tenor banjo
  • Dylan FOWLER : Weissenborn, lap steel

The space between - Sound extracts

  • The Space Between
  • Frank's Reels
  • Croeso Ioan
  • Returning from Where I've Never Been
  • The Accordionist's Despair
  • 48 in Ortigueira
  • Go Kemper!
  • Drum 'N' Breizh
  • Yr Ennyd