Bulgarian folk music

Artist: Horo orchestra Rousse

Name: Bulgarian folk music

Released: 1994

Label: Gega new

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 60'22

Bonus: import Bulgaria

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00141GEGA


Bulgarian folk music (Horo orchestra Rousse)

North Bulgaria is a region with fascinating obtained by the interaction of the traditions of several groups : local population, Balkan people and immigrants from Eastern Thrace. Even during the Turkish domination in Bulgaria the Danube river served as a natural link with Central and Eastern Europe. That is why, along with the old-time songs and tunes, one can also hear others, in which the European influence is felt. These peculiarities of the North-Bulgarian folk-musical idiom are conspicuously presents in the recording of the « HORO » Orchestra from the town of Rousse. Vassil Purvanov, its conductor, is from Lom, a small Danubean town in Northwest Bulgaria. This explains the presence of some Northern motifs in the horo tunes. Irrespective of his classical music education (he graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia majoring in clarinet), he has always performed folk music only. This was how he established the best folk orchestra in North Bulgaria, which has preserved its original style throughout the long years of creative existence without yielding to modern influences.

Horo orchestra Rousse - Musicians

  • Vassil PURVANOV : clarinet, saxophone, wooden pipe, ocarina
  • Ivailo PETROV : accordion
  • Nikolai DESKOV : accordion
  • Lyubomir HRISTOV : accordion
  • Dimiter HODJEV : guitar
  • YAVOR MINCHEV : guitar, tambura
  • Dimiter PETROV : bass
  • Dimiter TSAPARKOV : keyboards
  • Peter AVRAMOV : big drum
  • Stoyan YORDANOV : percussions

Bulgarian folk music - Sound extracts

  • Danubian Daichovo
  • Loveshko
  • Traikovska Ruchenitsa
  • Tinka has entered the garden
  • Kolyo has fallen in love
  • Koichovata
  • Dulgata
  • Pravo Severnyashko Horo
  • Todor has fallen in love
  • Hey, Elena maiden
  • Velikovo Horo
  • Petrovsko Elenino
  • Radka was bleaching a cloth
  • I have fallen in love with two maidens
  • Lyubomirovo Horo
  • A kaval is playing
  • Two young once have fallen in love
  • Maidens' Ruchenitsa
  • Katselovska ruchenitsa
  • A slow idyl