Artist: Habadekuk

Name: Hopsadaddy

Released: 2010

Label: GO'Danish Folk Music

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 41'00

Bonus: Import Denmark

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00829GODA


Hopsadaddy (Habadekuk)

Powerful horns, toe-tapping fiddle and contagious rhythms characterize the album, which catapults folk music well and truly into the 21st century. ”We‘ve mixed elements from salsa, jazz and folk to inject new energy into old dance tunes. Now the tunes can still get the party started,” says violinist Kristian Bugge. Following huge success at home and abroad, this young and lively nine-man band are now more ready than ever to take to the stage with their fast-paced polkas. Kristian Bugge Violin/fiddle Peter Eget Harmonika/accordion Rasmus Henriksen Trækbasun/Trombone Jakob Holdensen Trompet/Trumpet Rasmus Fribo Saxofon, sav, jodel/Saxophone, Saw, Ydelin Rasmus Brylle Trommer/Drums Jens Krøgholt Kontrabas/Double bass Morten Nordal Guitar, lapsteel, banjo Theis Juul Langlands Klaver/Piano

Habadekuk - Musicians

  • Kristian BUGGE : fiddle
  • Peter EGET : harmonika, acordion
  • Rasmus HENRIKSEN : trombone
  • Jakob HOLDENSEN : trumpet
  • Sasmus FRIBO : saxophone, saw, yodeling
  • Rasmus BRYLLE : drums
  • Jens KRØGHOLT : double bass
  • Morten NORDAL : guitar, lapsteel, banjo
  • Theis JUUL LANGLANDS : piano

Hopsadaddy - Sound extracts

  • Proptrækkeren
  • Polkason
  • Viggo Post
  • Kingo & Hans Jensen
  • Hornpiben
  • Spilledåsen
  • Pe' Broen & Jens Carl
  • Habadekuk
  • Kirsten & Jeg
  • Hopsadaddy