Ce que je vois dans mon verre

Artist: Gwen K Syndicat

Name: Ce que je vois dans mon verre

Released: 2015

Label: Autoprod

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 57'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00802AUTO


Ce que je vois dans mon verre (Gwen K Syndicat)

GWEN K SYNDICAT is borned three years ago around the singer and box player Gwenael Kivijer with the first album "La liberté m'enchante" wich has obtained the "award" of Trad Mag. Since that, a long trip of concerts in France and in Quebec (Canada) has changed our music in a strong and good way. Supposed focus on music from Britanny and Ireland we love to visit also Scotland, Quebec (french-candian) and Nova Scotia music. Today, we are five friends to continue the trip and our next album will be done on january 2015 "What I loock in my glass".

Gwen K Syndicat - Musicians

  • Gwenael KIVIJER : vocal, accordion, mouth organ, compositions
  • Tony SAUVION : guitars
  • Abderrahim FATHI : percussions
  • Loïc BLEJEAN : uilleann pipes
  • Frédérik BOULEY : fiddle

Ce que je vois dans mon verre - Sound extracts

  • The Rollin' John Set (Jigs)
  • Evit ar Tavarn Ty-Jos (Hanter-Droioù)
  • Mon père m'a loué (Marche du Pays Gallo/Song)
  • Hadrian's Wall set (Hornpipes)
  • Mazurka pour Ahmad (Mazurka)
  • Suite du nouveau monde (Clog Dance/Reels)
  • Ar Bennherez (Lariden Bro Ac'h/Song)
  • Ton bale ar c'hourenerien (La marche des lutteurs)
  • Plinn Bagad ton kentañ
  • Bal Plinn "Poitiers-Montmagny"/Plinn ton diwezañ
  • Polka Plinn GKS
  • Return to Poitires set (Jig/Reels)
  • Ce que je vois dans mon verre (complainte/Song)
  • The destitution set (Reels)