Thogainn Ort Fonn

Artist: Gillebrìde Macmillan

Name: Thogainn Ort Fonn

Released: 2006

Label: Macmeanmna

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 56'00

Bonus: Import Scotland

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00427MACM


Thogainn Ort Fonn (Gillebrìde Macmillan)

Gillebrìde's marvellous debut album contains a fine selection of Gaelic songs with a strong Uist bias. It ranges from the songs of Bàird Baile or village poets, to those of the better known songwriters from the islands. Gillebrìde is accompanied on the album by Mary Ann Kennedy, who also produced the album, and Aaron Jones, Allan Henderson, with Gaelic singers Rachel Walker, Angus MacPhail, James Graham, and Gillebrìde’s sister, Mairi.

Gillebrìde Macmillan - Musicians

  • Gillebrìde MACMILLAN : vocals
  • Mary Ann KENNEDY : percciano, clàrsach, vocals, glasses
  • Aaron JONES : percciano, bouzouki, vocals, bass
  • Allan HENDERSON : vocals, piano, whistle
  • Mary MACMILLAN : vocals
  • James GRAHAM : vocals
  • Rachel WALKER : vocals
  • Angus MACPHAIL : vocals
  • Nick : percussion effects

Thogainn Ort Fonn - Sound extracts

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