In concert

Artist: Gerry O'Connor & Gilles Le Bigot

Name: In concert

Released: 2005

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 58'00

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DI00756AUTO


In concert (Gerry O'Connor & Gilles Le Bigot)

Two acoustic instruments in concert, so don't expect explosions of sound, rather the wonderful interaction between the players as they
explore the musical options open to them as they work through the predominantly traditional tune selection.
Certainly one for fiddle fans.

Gerry O'Connor & Gilles Le Bigot - Musicians

  • Gerry O'CONNOR : fiddle
  • Gilles LE BIGOT : guitar

In concert - Sound extracts

  • Yellow Wattle
  • Donal Dubh
  • Mal Bhan
  • Bonny Anne
  • Mummer's March
  • A Bruxa
  • Stirling Tom
  • Boy in His Pants
  • Hanly's
  • La Retour de Madagascar
  • Jig in a
  • Shetland Bus
  • Donnellan Set
  • Chicken's Gone to Scotland