Frères Cornic

Artist: Frères Cornic

Name: Frères Cornic

Released: 2011

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 35'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00701AUTO


Frères Cornic (Frères Cornic)

Since 1992, Julien and François Cornic enliven meals, fest-noz, fest-deiz, weddings, pardons, fairs, boats, schoolyards, streets, bars, restaurants, weddings, funerals, canteens ... They are present to mark important moments in the life of the breton community!

Frères Cornic - Musicians

  • François CORNIC : bombardon
  • Julien CORNIC : biniou
  • Guest :
  • Romain PANSARD : tambour

Frères Cornic - Sound extracts

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