Bulgarian folk dances

Artist: Folk orchestra

Name: Bulgarian folk dances

Released: 1996

Label: Gega new

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 58'57

Bonus: import Bulgaria

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00138GEGA


Bulgarian folk dances (Folk orchestra)

In the Bulgarian folk tradition instrumental music performs a specific function – to accompany the Horo dances played on Sundays or at public holidays in the village square. Each region in Bulgaria has its own preferences for the specific instruments and characteristic dances. In Dobroudja, for example, the typical horo dances Opas, Sborenka, Ruka, Tropanka, etc. are accompanied on kopanka, gaida (bagpipe), and in more recent times, by the concertina - kopanka – and bagpipe-players. In the Pirin Mountains region the heavy horo dancing used to be accompanied on tamburas, tarambukas, or zurnas (in the southernmost parts). In Thrace the favourite instrument is the kaval.

Bulgarian folk dances - Sound extracts

  • BalkandjiiskoHoro
  • SlowSongAndDrosaliiskoHoro
  • DaichovoHoro
  • Buenek
  • MakedonskiVihur
  • PravoShopskoHoro
  • SashovaRuchenitsa
  • Buchimish
  • DelchovoHoro
  • Humoresque
  • ToninaRuchenitsa
  • Opas
  • VretenarskaRuchenitsa
  • TopolovskoHoro
  • PaidushkoHoro
  • YambolskaRuchenitsa
  • KrushovenkskoHoro
  • PravoMiziiskoHoro