Le Paris Bagdad

Artist: Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Name: Le Paris Bagdad

Released: 1998

Label: Buda musique

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 53'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI01071BUDA


Le Paris Bagdad (Fawzy Al-Aiedy)

The Paris-Baghdad tells the historie Fawzy, that of a man flying over Iraq, sees a small light down and think this country his own, which he has not been back long ago. His music borrows from Eastern traditions of Arabian Nights and blues of the muezzin, while walking to the writing of contemporary music. "Excellent instrumentalist (lute, classical oboe, English horn, vocals) formed double school (East and West), he likes to navigate the waters of the past and the present. Influence of chamber music should also be considered in its relation to the composition. Could one say that this musical approach symbolizes the meeting of the Arab swing and jazz imporivsaiton, or should we swap these terms to better define it? "Chornicart.com

Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Musicians

  • Fawzy AL-AIEDY : chant, oud, hautbois, cor anglais
  • Jean-Jacques RUHLMANN : clarinette, saxophone
  • Marc BURONFOSSE : contrebasse
  • Adel SHAMS EL DIN : derbouka, douf, req
  • Bruno CAILLAT : table, zarb, douf, req
  • Farhat BOUALLAGUI : violon
  • Abdul-Kader GHORANI : quanoun
  • Claudette NASSIM : choeurs


1. Dana Dina

2. La gazelle

3. Zourouni

4. Ultime prière

5. Une nuit à Bassorah

6. Sharara

7. Naima

8. Nissa

9. Moudhif

10. Circonspection

11. L'oiseau libre

12. Layali

13. Sans toit