Rolling Harbour

Artist: Elandir

Name: Rolling Harbour

Released: 2005

Label: Autoprod

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 54'00

Bonus: Import Switzerland

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: CR00376AUTO


Rolling Harbour (Elandir)

Elandir means Ireland. A land steeped in celtic culture, wild beauty and of course irish traditional music. This is the music of Elandir, a band described as the most exciting irish music group in Switzerland. Formed in Neuchâtel in 1999, Elandir are six musicians, five of them native Swiss and one from Ireland. Their music is drawn from the great well of the irish music tradition, augmented by beautiful songs and original compositions all played with great sensitivity, creativity and respect for the roots of this great music. The band use acoustic instruments (uilleann pipes, fiddle, flute, guitar, irish bouzouki and bodhran).

Elandir - Musicians

  • Vanessa LOERKENS: fiddle, vocals
  • Johan PERRITAZ: wooden flute
  • Brendan WADE: uillean pipes, whistles
  • Christophe PAUL: mandola, guitar
  • Raphael COMBREMONT: bouzouki
  • Gilles CLAVEL: bodhran, mandolin, vocals

Rolling Harbour - Sound extracts

  • Aughacashel Set
  • Willie and Mary
  • The Fairy Storm
  • Slow Reels
  • The Flower of Sweet Strabane
  • The Cat and the Crows
  • The Braes of Moneymore
  • Northern Dream
  • Will You Come In?
  • Polkas
  • Weepers I shall wear
  • The First of May