Aux fils du temps...

Artist: Duo Jean-Michel Cazorla - Philippe Gloaguen

Name: Aux fils du temps...

Released: 2000

Label: Nemes'Ys

Format: Cristal

Total playing: 51'23

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: CR00266NEME


Aux fils du temps... (Duo Jean-Michel Cazorla - Philippe Gloaguen)

"Aux fils du temps" is an album of acoustic guitar, a "suite bretonne" by a remarkable acoustic guitar duo: Jean-Michel Cazorla and Philippe Gloaguen. They gathered around a single project, that of putting a story in music, as it puts it into images. This CD is accompanied by an eight-page illustrated book of poetry by Ollivier Ruca. The original compositions of the two guitarists, plus sound effects well integrated into the story, create an atmosphere conducive to musical reverie.

Duo Jean-Michel Cazorla - Philippe Gloaguen - Musicians

  • Jean-Michel CAZORLA : guitar
  • Philippe GLOAGUEN : guitar
  • Ollivier RUCA : texts

Aux fils du temps... - Sound extracts

  • Boutou coèt
  • El Monica
  • Rue des martyrs
  • Couleur celte
  • An kousky
  • Les vieux Glenans
  • Chanson pour les marins perdus en mer
  • Tolen filen
  • Ty natur
  • Celtic poème
  • Souben café
  • L'Ile aux Moutons