The bubble

Artist: Danjal

Name: The bubble

Released: 2012

Label: Tutl

Format: Digisleeve

Total playing: 38'00

Bonus: Import Faroe Islands

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DS00804TUTL


The bubble (Danjal)

After sailing the 7 seas and exploring the distant corners of the world, the Faroese singer and performer Dánjal has now handpicked a group of all-Royal musicians from the dark corners of Scandinavia.
Screaming clarinets, lyrical violins, psychosomatic guitars and plain foaming craziness, topped by touching and relevant lyrics.
This is Dánjal's 2nd. release.

Danjal - Musicians

  • Dánjal Á NEYSTABØ : vocals, piano, keyboard, pump organ
  • Kim NYBERG : mandolin
  • Annika JESSEN : clarinets
  • Stephan SIEBAN : guitar, keyboard, vocals
  • Sidse HOLTE : vocals, konsert-violin-harfe
  • Erik OLEVIK : bass, cello
  • Ulrik BROHUUS : drums, keyboard
  • Guests :
  • Angelika NIELSEN : violin
  • Andreas BIRK : violon, viola
  • Hanna LOFTSDÓTTIR : cello
  • Simon TOLDAM : Hammond
  • Jakob FALGREN : bass
  • Jesper ELNEGAARD : drums
  • Kasper TRANBERG, Mads HYHNE, Niklas ANTONSON, Kristian TANGVIK : brass quartet

The bubble - Sound extracts

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