Se Lèva Lo Vent

Artist: Coriandre

Name: Se Lèva Lo Vent

Released: 2008

Label: Autoprod

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 51'00

Price : 12.50 €

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Ref.: DI00341AUTO


Se Lèva Lo Vent (Coriandre)

After their fisrt CD, "La Marmita d'Oc" Coriandre offer a second record, where we can foresee a little part of the intimacy of the band, but Energy is yet at the Rendez-Vous !!!

Coriandre - Musicians

  • Denis GALVIER : flutes, saxophones, tuba, Languedoc oboe, chalémie, vocals
  • Vivian PERES : drums, percussions, vocals
  • Philippe PUYGRENIER : hurdy-gurdy (acoustic and electro-acoustic), boha, gaïtas, épinette-sitar, vocals
  • Julien REGI : guitar, bass electric, percussions, vocals
  • Guest :

  • Jean-Michel POISSON : mouth organ

Se Lèva Lo Vent - Sound extracts

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