Le secret du vieux coquillage blanc

Artist: Christophe Coppalle

Name: Le secret du vieux coquillage blanc

Released: 2006

Label: Marzelle

Format: Digipack

Total playing: 70'00

Price : 12.50 €


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Ref.: DI00290MARZ


Le secret du vieux coquillage blanc (Christophe Coppalle)

Conte music for all ears

When artists of different backgrounds give themselves the pleasure of a common dream: the dream world imagined by Christophe COPPALLE young music teacher, has always been steeped in the melodies from Brittany and Celtic legend has seduced artists as diverse Nolwenn LEROY, the group TRI YANN, Anthony CHAPLAIN, Yvon ETIENNE, KATE-ME, ODYL, Michael JONES, Mariannig LARC'HANTEC Patrick EWEN.

All forgot for a time the television studios, concert halls, the festou-noz, music classes and have combined their talents with easy to slip into the roles of characters who populate "THE SECRET OF THE OLD SHELL WHITE" .

Original songs, dialogues taken from life, the captivating voice of a storyteller, music filled with emotion ... and, once is not usually a happy end as it was unexpected.

Conte listen to music, singing, playing ... (the playbacks of the songs included on the bonus CD)

CD + booklet illustrated

Production Marzelle

Christophe Coppalle - Musicians

  • TRI YANN :
  • Jean-Paul CORBINEAU, Jean-Louis JOSSIC, Jean CHOCUN : vocals
  • Luc CHEVALIER : guitars
  • Gérard GORON : percussions
  • Konan MEVEL : bagpipe, uillean pipes, flûtes, kalimba
  • Christophe PELOIL : fiddle
  • Fredy BOURGEOIS : piano
  • KATÉ-MÉ :
  • Sylvain GIRAULT : vocals
  • Job DEFERNEZ : biniou kozh
  • Erwan HAMON : bombardon
  • Mariannig LARC'HANTEC : harp
  • Steven GORON : drums
  • Odyl : vocals
  • Pascal MANDIN : backing vocals
  • Christophe COPPALLE : acoustic guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals, synthétiseurs
  • Narration and songs :
  • Patrick EWEN, Nolwenn LEROY, Anthony CHAPLAIN, Jean CHOCUN, Yvon Etienne, Christophe COPPALLE, Jean-Louis JOSSIC, Mickaël JONES, Gérard GORON, Christine LAINÉ, Pascal MANDIN, Guy ROUSSEL

Le secret du vieux coquillage blanc - Sound extracts

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